Zenly – Your map, your people

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“Zenly application” is a location checking app. If you friend is somewhere in the crowd then with the help of his “Mobile Number” you may trace his location. First of all, you have to install this application in your mobile. After that you have to open this application by entering your (Mobile Number and your date of birth and your name) after this your account will open. You may even add your photo. This application will work like, you want to find your friend in “Bangalore and Chennai” they have to install this application, and then you have to on it, then you have to search your friend on “Zenly app” he has to be online in this app, then he will get a notification on this app. After searching your friend on (Zenly app) then we will get to know his live location, that where is he right now. There are lots of setting in this application. You may track anyone’s location from this application, only with the help of (Mobile Number) it is very easy very good application to track the person. If you’re searching for the person who is lost, then if the application is installed in his mobile then step by step where ever he go in entire world you can find him only through his mobile number very easily. It is very good application to search for finding the peoples, wherever we go every step of that person we can track he’s every single step he walks. This is a very good application for finding peoples near you or far away from you. There are lots of features in this application too. The only thing is that whom we are searching from this application (they should have this application installed in there mobile and they must be online to track their location). There is an “Satellite” option, through which we can track them from the whole world to the person. Also from “Google map” from which we can trace the location where we want to go. This is a very good application to use for finding peoples.

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