YouTube Music

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YouTube is a new music app, which is launched in India. This app is “free for 3 months”, after that you have to pay “99 rupees” per month to use this app. There is a quick features of this application. What is better in this application is, there are lots of features in this application. The “UIE” of this application is “Dark One”. You may see the “hot videos list” in this application. Basically you may see the music videos, it will not show the YouTube videos it will only show the music videos. Here you can go in library and you might see the last played songs, and you may download the music there. There is an automatic “Download option” if you turn on the option then it will automatically download your music. It will download “20 musics audio only” the type of songs which you love to listen it will automatically download to you. It will only take around “80 MB” data. If you want to turn on the option you may turn on, you may listen the music offline too. You will get a mix of music listen the most. This is a good option for the offline music too. You may also watch the “Live Performance” like best of “90s”, new release. This type of musics in YouTube you have to search and you will get that music, but here you no need to search for that you will get the music there itself easily. You may watch the music. There is one more benefit for the users of “YouTube music”, that you can’t find the ads here. This is a very good feature in this application, and the second feature is that when you play a song here the audio quality of the music is very good, if you switch off the phone the music will start playing it will not stop. In this application you may like the music and you may dislike the music there is an option of like and dislike. You may play on full screen. You may watch the music in queue and you may also download the music. You may select and you may add them in your playlist. You may pause or forward, you can manage the quality here, you may select the audio quality. overall this application is best for music.

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