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Work out application is one of the most advanced certification for yoga exercise. Give yourself fit and fine in this Pandemic situation. Right now whole world are fighting against covid-19 most of them has low imitation system and they are facing problem in their breath due to coronavirus. These virus attack our lungs and damage it and we can’t inhale oxygen. If you want to be safe with corona then you need to do yoga.

In Yoga classes you can do basic such as Aasan, Yoga poses, meditation, keep your mind relax by yogic process and so on. There are numerous of exercise in yoga but what yoga is beneficial for you depend upon your instructor. No doubt exercise is good for health but without any instruction we cannot do that exercise because it requires proper guidance and proper knowledge of the excise. There are many peoples who do not take any instruction and at last we get fail.While doing exercise we required equipment but doing yoga does not required any equipment. So you can do yoga in anywhere because it does not required and equipment only you need to know the positions and the way of doing yoga. This is possible only when you have instructor of yoga.

How can you download Yoga application?
To download Yoga application you need to open “techisq” (mobile app store ) website there you will get mobile app store you need to download that application from the link given in the website. Yoga application is also available in Android app store, samsung app store, google Play Store, microsoft store and so on you can also get this application in in Apple Store. At the time of downloading if you feel any problems then kindly contact our technical team to help you and guide you about the process of downloading software from website.


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