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WhatsApp is a messaging app for smartphone that is created to specially communicate with your friends family and the relative through sending message. WhatsApp is an American application. Talking about the key people who are associated with the creation of the application are Brian Acton and Jan koum. In 2014 WhatsApp was Taken over by facebook. Through whatsapp users can use services like instant messaging, sending videos picture etc, this helped in planting the seeds of what this app is in the recent times.

WhatsApp has its own features

  • It is simply a messaging platform that provide you with the facility of messaging and voice over IP services.
  • It is a cross platform centralized messaging application
  • With the head of this application you can easily send text message and voice message, what users can even make voice and video calls, share image documents users location and other content
  • WhatsApp also allows user to upload the status where they can share images, videos, text to their contact.
  • as Is it is a cross platform application, it can be run on mobile devices but also can be accessible on desktop computers.
  • Users to be connected through a cellular mobile internet connection to use the application.
  • For starting up the application you need to have a mobile telephone number for registering with the services provided by WhatsApp.
  • Similar to other application whatsApp also need a update provided by the company.

Put some of the key highlights of the application are

  • One of the third most downloaded app on iOS and Android.
  • 1 billion message was sent per day through whatsApp.
  • In present there are billions active users on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp has also incorporated some of the special like WhatsApp business where small businesses can easily communicate to their customers.
  • In 2014 Facebook look at WhatsApp as a potential threat to its own offering, so it moved to acquire WhatsApp for dollar 19 billion.

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