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At the moment, WhatsApp is considered the most widespread and popular alternative messenger for smartphones, which every third smartphone owner uses every day, sending messages, images, photos and videos with it.

Features of WhatsApp app for Android

The main feature of the WhatsApp application is that it can function not only on Android but also on iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, while being tied to a specific phone number, which acts as a login. This means that as soon as you register in WhatsApp, you will instantly see all your acquaintances who also use WhatsApp to communicate.

Download whatsapp for android for free in Russian today is very easy for all Russian-speaking users of the program. WhatsApp supports all firmware starting from version 2.3.6 and uploading the latest 4.0 and even the newest 4.2. Therefore, feel free to download the program to your Samsung or any other phone model running Android. Now some statistics and main advantages of the program:

  • 300 million users around the world, the number of which is increasing every day;
  • The most popular messenger in all countries of the world;
  • Possibility of quick registration and instant binding to a specific number;
  • The ability to automatically search for contacts available in the database;
  • The ability to transfer photos, videos, audio and location;
  • Group chat option;
  • Use of emoticons in correspondence;
  • The ability to independently change the background of the chat.

Installing WhatsApp on Android

After you have downloaded WhatsApp from our website on Android, you need to run the installation file. After installation, the program must be opened with the Internet turned on, then the country code and your phone number are entered, after which you must double-click “OK”, which is done so that the program sends an SMS message to your phone to check the number (SMS payment is carried out in accordance with with the tariff you are using)

After passing the number check, you must specify a name and set a profile photo, and then click on the “next.” located in the upper right corner. After that, the inscription “Welcome! To start chatting with a contact who already has WhatsApp on their phone, click on the icon in the upper right corner” should appear.

You should not panic if not all contacts from your phone book will be in the list – all you have to do is recommend the application to your friends so that they also start using it. In order for the list of contacts to appear, you must click on the icon located in the upper right corner. This completes the installation of WhatsApp Messenger on Android.

The latest version from the developers of the whatsapp program was a version designed for users of the operating system winodws 10. It retained all the same functions as the version on the phone, but has undergone some changes that you will learn about by installing the program.

Main functions of WhatsApp app

To fully familiarize yourself with all the possibilities, you need to download whatsapp for your computer for free and install it on windows 10 or any other OS. While the download is in progress, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main functions:

  • The possibility of instant and absolutely free messaging;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • The ability to independently change the profile data and set the network status;
  • Ability to view profiles from the contact list;
  • Ability to add users to the contact list and remove them from it if necessary;
  • The ability to exchange images, audio and video files.

WhatsApp Review

In other chats, the user often wondered whether the message reached the addressee at all and whether he read it if there is still no answer? With the WhatsApp application on a computer, this problem does not arise, since you can always find out about the status of a sent message by a special checkbox installed in front of it in case of successful delivery and reading.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp over other similar programs? To begin with, it is necessary to note such an important point as a convenient and harmonious interface, which is completely sustained in light colors, allowing the user to change only the chat window at his discretion. It is also worth noting that WhatsApp allows you to maintain correspondence with several contacts from the list at the same time.

The level of benefit of using the WhatsApp program, in contrast to the usual SMS and MMS, depends on the number of contacts in your phone book who also use this application. If there are few such people, then you may not understand all the charm of WhatsApp, if the program is used by almost all contacts, the savings that would have been spent on correspondence in traditional ways will be quite tangible.

It should also be noted that in order to check messages, you do not need to take any special actions, since WhatsApp does everything for you automatically, notifying you of any new incoming message. In general, we suggest that you personally verify the benefits of this program by downloading and installing it on your mobile phone.

WhatsApp for PC gives you the ability to exchange text and multimedia messages for free. Due to the use of this program, it has become much easier to send and receive any media content in comparison with the traditional SMS and MMS.

Let’s find out exactly how this software works. To start chatting, you need to download whatsapp for free in Russian and install it on any device that you use. To create all accounts in the WhatsApp application for Android , only one main mobile phone number is used, the contact list of which is created automatically, for which you just need to scan the phone book in your mobile phone. However, in this case, only those mobile phone contacts that also use this software will be included in the list of WhatsApp contacts – this is also determined by the application automatically.

The advantage of WhatsApp for Nokia is that the program will, of course, remember the rest of the numbers, and if someone from the contacts starts using WhatsApp in the future, the application will automatically add it to the list of existing ones. Thus, registration is not only as simple as possible, but also almost instantly, while no one has to invent a nickname, wait for authorization and manually transfer the entire list of contacts.

After the user responds to the contact, a special window opens automatically for correspondence with him. Near the avatar, which is also imported into the application using the phone book, displays the time at which the contact was last online, and on top is all the necessary and intuitive functionality for choosing emoticons and using attachments.

During the chat, each user can use many functions, including inserting pictures, audio or video recordings, publishing a contact card or information about where he is at the moment. It is also worth noting the presence of such a specific function, with the help of which users can create voice responses to all the familiar question “Where are you?”

.WhatsApp features
Using the WhatsApp application allows the user to always know for sure that his message has come to the exact address, since there is a special verification system for this, which marks the sent message with a tick when the message is successfully delivered.
In a similar way, you can find out information about whether the addressee has read the message; for this, a second checkbox is used, which is set immediately after reading the message that you sent. Of course, such a function may not seem useful to everyone, however, those who are used to using various types of chats know how important it is sometimes to know whether a message has reached the interlocutor and whether he has read it.

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