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Videoder App:
If you are someone who enjoys watching videos from the internet on various platforms for entertainment and information like me, you may also relate to the idea of being able to download the content you like and also replay several it times by storing it in your own devices. We have always been waiting for the perfect downloader app that can gives us this wonderful experience of downloading our favorite videos from streaming sites like YouTube, vevo, daily motion etc. Videoder is one such app.

several apps have come and gone but they hardly made us feel any better, there are still only few apps like tube mate for smart phones while desktops and laptops enjoy a host of these software’s which help in downloading the content from the video hosting sites.

since this generation is about smartphones lets discuss about one of the best video downloading app for smartphones that I have come across in recent times.

The name of the app is Videoder. Videoder helps you download any videos and music into your device for absolutely nothing, i.e. FREE.

There are many apps present in this category but what makes this unique is the simplicity associated with the user interface. It is so simple that you can teach your grandpa to download any video in about a minute. You only need to select the video you want to download along with the resolution and format you want it in. And depending on the internet speed you are provided with you will be able to watch it offline in your own device.

One more thing worth mentioning about this awesome app is that it doesn’t annoy you with any kind of ads. It free but totally adds free. That according to me is the best feature any free app could have and I think every smartphone user will agree on that matter.

Let’s talk about its features:

  • Compatible formats:
    MP4, WEBM, FLV and 3GP
  • Resolutions available:
    4k, 1080, 720, 480, 360,240 and 144 pixels.

Unlimited download:
You can download unlimited music & videos in a day.

You can preview the videos and also enable auto play.

Multi select:
Select multiple videos or music while exploring from here and there and just keep adding them into our collection bubble and then just click on the download button once and that’s all.

You can also pause and resume you’re downloads or delete them from within this app.

You can explore the trending videos of the day from various platforms.

It also has an in built browser that helps you surf the internet from with this app.

It is designed in a very presentable manner and the experience feels soothing and good.

The updates are very frequent and the latest one was released this October as Version: 14.0 (114).

This app also has many other features that make this app the best downloading app available in the market today. It is available across all platforms and the steps to download this app will be given in the following articles.

So, start downloading this and hope you enjoy your video downloading experience, watch and truly find delight in it.

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