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“Twitter is a social networking website” from this you may send “short stories and messages” to the peoples. They ease and limit of words you cannot write above “140 words” this is the “speciality of Twitter” that in less words you can keep your words, you can share your stories. “Twitter is a very popular website”.

Open new Twitter account

To open an account in “Twitter” first of all you have to open in your browser. There is an option of “signup and login” you can only (Login) when you will create an account. First you have to choose the “Sign up” option then you have to enter your (Full name) after that you have to write your (Email or Mobile number) and lastly you have to create a (Password) it should be above “8 characters” after filling the three options then you have to sign up there you will get an option of your “Mobile number” then you have to add your “Country code” and then add your mobile number if you don’t want to add then you may also skip the option, “you may enter your mobile number later on” but there is a benefit of entering your mobile number that is (in case you forgot your password then you may recover your password). Then after that you have to choose the username, username it will always be “different of everyone” so you have to make an username which doesn’t match to anyone to make your username differently you may “add the numbers” to make your username different then you will get (tick mark option) this username will be it doesn’t match to anyone, click on next button now there will be “last step” you have to click on (let’s go option) after that you will get an option that in what you are (Interested in) after choosing the options you have to click on continue, after that you will get an option (Choose one to Import Contacts) it means you want to import your contacts from “Gmail or Outlook”. Import contact it means, who are in your “Gmail or Outlook” or any contacts they’ll get an email that you are in “Twitter” and after that, they will connect you with “Twitter” after that the options which we have choosed, (The Popular Pages or Personality) it will automatically connected, if you want then you may unfollow them after that select the follow and continue option then you will get an option of (Notification). That you want notification or no, After that you will get an option that you have to confirm your “Email ID” then confirm your email ID and start “Tweeting”, you may like and share that “Tweet”, it means if you like the message or story then it means that you want to share the message the story or the tweet with lots of peoples. When you “Recruit the Tweet” then whoever are following you they can also see the message. Then you may comment or you can message. This is a good application.

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