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Twitter in perfect platform where you can see the latest happening going on around you and you can also know the latest news. Post the wrong thing which are going and you will be the top positions in Twitter. Twitter provide you meeting facility about all the things which are related to human being and environment. Twitter accounts are handled by politician, businessman, washing people, committee, means that it’s a professional way to get connected and provide crime information which are going on so that the fast action can be taken against them.

Interesting things to follow: Twitter allow you to follow in your interesting topics, you can tweet, retweet, share, like, fleet,

Share your news, opinion, feeling : Inform your social network that what you have see for what you are angry about with the help of text photo and video. You have options to DM your friends, you can also reply in thread, you can also chat in private message, if you want to go viral then happening around you.

How you can use Tweeter app?

To use Twitter app first of all you need to make your account and build your profile. You can login to your account and then customize your photos, tell some descriptive about yourself, With the help of Tweeter you can also have options to post your tweet using posting time.

If you want to post visual content then Twitter have options to post visual content.

You can use hashtag so that it it get categorised and when the people are searching on that Particular topics your content will also visible in their search result.

Techisq app store to download Twitter app

Do you want to download total application then you need to download this application with the help of techisq app store/ google Play Store / windows store and so on you have lots of options to download Twitter app but if you are using Android then we suggest you to download this application with the help of techisq.

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