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RAM Cleanup

Random Access Memory is a short term memory it is also known as temporary or volatile memory when we use any application in our smartphone then Ram work. RAM is a fundamental unit of mobile without Ram you cannot Run your mobile to run any application in your smartphone we need Ram so we must […]

app lock

Smartphone has become a personalized gadget where we put all our important information in this device. Like we upload our documents, we handle all our social media accounts with the help of our smartphone, we use banking system with the help of our phone and so on it means that if we lost our mobile […]

InShare app

inShare – the name itself suggests that you can share your file transfer your application, video, party photo, music, doc, ebooks, PDF file and many more with the help of this tool. It can transfer your file very fastly to the the contact detail which you have mention at the time of sharing. Why use […]

download brave private browser app apk install

A private web browser is an application developed for opening private web pages from accessing the world wide web page, when are uses request to open private web pages it will display the website and when the site get closed there will be no history and temporary file of that web page. how web browser […]

Clone App

Do you want to use multiple account in your single mobile? If yes then you need to download clone app which can be used to download multiple apps in parallel. You can use multiple WhatsApp, facebook, messenger, instagram, short video app and so on. When you download an application in your mobile it can help […]