Subway Surfer

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Move as fast as you can through the Subway and dodge from head on collision train help Jake, Tricky and the rest to escape from the police and his dog. The game is based upon the real story about the Subway Surfers who used to to spend their times Near Railway Station and do funny things and when God’s come to catch them they run run away. The game is totally based upon the running concept to escape from guard. The excitement about this game is that you will get lots of thing when you are running from the track you have two clicks points and use the tools which you are getting while running.

The game is presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games and gained the popularity very fast. Concept is very clear you have to DASH very fast and DODGE yourself from hitting the upcoming train.

Features of game

  • The graphic is quite interactive and you will get Grind trains.
  • The Subway are colourful and you will get lots of interactive vivid HD graphics .
  • You have options to collect coins and different tools to use for running as for example you can collect Hoverboard Surfing! Which help you to run fastly and you can collect as many quiet as you can while using this board.
  • swipe acrobatics! You can whips your arm one side and touch the ground and your legs follow closely behind by using 360 degree of land to move fast.
  • Help your friend by challenging your opponent to make move to yourself. In this way your friend will get time and you can detect the the Gods and dog.

how to download Subway Surfer?
To download Subway Surfers you need to go to Google Play Store or Apple Store or you have to download this application with the help of links which we have provided in this article. Download the games which HD optimised graphics and retina resolution. No doubt this games has been used by millions of people and they really enjoyed to play this game.

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