Skype app download – free IM & video calls

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Skype is the very amazing application in this you may do online meetings your screen umid chat like how you chat in WhatsApp just like that you may chat here too it is a very secure app there are lots of very amazing new features for the students who makes the regularly official meetings for the Teachers this app is very good for them make online meetings online they can take online classes to and the students can learn online classes. First of all you have to install this Skype application in your mobile if you want to install it in your laptop or computer you may also install there too you have to put your name and email id and you have to verify your email id to start this Skype free IM and video call application. In this application you my chat aur video call or a group yeah you may do this for example if you are a teacher then you may open the Skype application you may go there and there is an option of creating a group then you may create group like 10th standard maths class then after creating the group you may get an option of contacts in your contacts you may select the numbers of students are in your class you may select the number and make a group where you can take the class to the students and make video calls do chatting send a message aur make a group study by using this application you may make a normal audio call here share your screen too and you may record the screen and after recording the screen you may save this file in your Google Drive and share because if someone who did not attend the class they may use this screen record file and continue his studies and even if there is an option to remove the people from the group only the admins can remove the people and add the peoples other person today you have made a group another one person is added in the group and option that he can’t see the previous messages the admins can selected that the person new India Group of the messages he may go select the option that the person can see the 10 days previous messages history if you don’t want to see then he may not do this this application is very good for the groups for the video meeting meetings dehleez no limits they can add how many members they want to add this is very good and very benefit for the students teachers and for the business meetings too.

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