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[ ShowCut ] is an easy & useful video editor and movie maker. There are a lot of free, ready-made templates to choose, you only need to import videos and photos and we will automatically generate great videos for you!

Festival Greeting, Holiday Wish, Anniversary Celebration, Birthday, Vlogs etc. Videos can be owned only with ONE CLICK! Remember, every beautiful moment is worth recording and sharing~

If you have no experience in video editing, ShowCut will be one of your best choices. Hurry up and join us, create your amazing videos and share them with family, friends, fans on instagram, facebook, youtube. It can help you become influencers and bloggers!

Features in ShowCut

-Record every moment of your happiness-

Perfectly cover festivals and anniversaries in various countries and regions: New Year,Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwall , Easter Sunday, Shivaratri,etc. we will accompany you through every special day.

-Preset templates for easy editing-

We provide thousands of templates for you to choose, suitable for any scene: festivals and holidays, couple&wedding anniversary , birthday, graduatation, party time, family photos mv, pets, travel, food etc. we have everything you want! Even video novices can easily complete incredible editing through templates.

-No editing experience required-

Making videos has never been easier. Just import your photos or videos into the template, and we will automatically generate your exclusive video.

-Rich video post-production effects-

Cool transition effects, glitches, rgb, zoom effects, a large number of filters, fonts, gifs, stickers, make your video more aesthetic.

-The hottest video style at the moment-

The vaporwave, retro, vintage,cartoon and other styles loved by influencer will help your videos become popular quickly.

-Music video editor-

ShowCut provides free music in various styles. Trap, Techno, R&B, Punk, etc.

-Support exporting HD video-

save it locally or share it with friends only with one click, it’s up to you.

Start creating your own videos/ vlogs in ShowCut

To send your greeting on every festival;
To create fond memories for your anniversary;
To make your selfies cool and popular;
To remember your wonderful family time;

Share your travel memories, cooking vlog, sport highlights, daily life and beloved pet with friends.

Download ShowCut and start creating your HOT videos/vlogs now! We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:’s make showcut better together~

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