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Screen Recorder to is used to record the screen while we are doing some work in our mobile, laptop and PC. The basic purpose of recorder is to make a a video of our presentation which we have explain in our mobile or laptop. Screen Recorder is a multipurpose tool through which we can make our informative video by using our sound recording. There are many things which can be purchased by using Technology but most of the time we get confused that how we can teach the way of doing work so if you are a technical person then you can use screen recorder application so that you can capture your screen with your voice and provide informative video.

Screen recorder is not only use for recording but you can also use it for making short video. There are many social video present in in Tiktok, sharechat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

The tool is used for making video and uploading it to streaming media.

How to download Screen Recorder app?
To download Screen Recorder app you need to download the application from App Store once you download the application you need to install it in your mobile.

How to download App Store?

There are many app stores present in market like Google Play Store Apple Store Samsung store and show on their contains all types of software which we can use in our mobile and laptop but most of them are premium so if you want to download app store which provide all the application for free then we recommend you to go for techisq.

How can I find free Screen Recorder app without advertisement?
To find free Screen Recorder app without advertisement you need to Google. There you will get a list of applications which provide free download without advertisement or you can follow the direct download links of Screen Recorder application 2021.

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