Remini – Photo Enhancer app

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“Remini application” is a photo enhancer application, this application will improve the quality of the photos. This application is better for “Photography” this application comes under top photos. There are lots of features in this application. First of all you have to “sign in” you may also continue “Google and Facebook” to use this application. After that you may see lots of features on this application, you may get “Enhance” option, you may also get the “Colours” option you may colour your “Black and White” photo, you may also get the “Paint” option, there are lots of features in this application, if you want to improve your “Photo Quality” then go to enhance option and select the photo, then if you want to crop your photo you may crop then select on tick mark your photo will start to enhance and after that you may see that before and after your photo there you will get “Line” option select the scan option and you may see your photo before after, you may also get this “Zoom” option that you can see your photo quality you may save you photo. There is and “Pro” option, if you want to use that option you have to “subscribe the application” there is an “Video Enhance” option here you may enhance your video and if you want to upload your videos then you may upload here. There is “Plus” option if you want to “Import” your video then you may import from this option. You will get the “Colourized” option, hereĀ  you may change your “Black and White” photo to a colour photo. There is an ‘Paint” option, if you want to paint your photo you may paint here. Like this there are lots of options in this application, to make your “photo quality” better and make different different photos within a minute. This is a very good application for photography, there is an “Portrait” option, there is also a “History” option, here you may see your task in history. There is an “Retro” option, to use this application you have to “subscribe the Retro application”. Like this you may use the Remini application to improve your photo quality. This is an very good application to improve your photo quality.

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