RAM Cleanup

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Random Access Memory is a short term memory it is also known as temporary or volatile memory when we use any application in our smartphone then Ram work. RAM is a fundamental unit of mobile without Ram you cannot Run your mobile to run any application in your smartphone we need Ram so we must clean our RAM time to time.

optimize of mobile device

To clean your RAM you need and application which can clean your Ram time to time to save your memory for other application. Ram cleanup not only clean RAM memory but it also boost the speed of our mobile and it also help to save power battery the application is also used to to cooling down CPU. Just installing app dinner and using it help you to optimize your device. The best thing is that you don’t need to be an expert to optimise your mobile you need and application which can help you to optimise your mobile for every and . There are mainly three to four main sections in mobile which need to be optimise the first thing is that Ram, the second thing is the battery, and the third thing is CPU. If we optimise this three then our mobile will work very fast.

Advanced functions RAM cleanup:

  • Auto closing : If you are not using any application for long. of time application will automatically close the the application.
  • Auto clean : When Ram goes to hold or loses ratio increases then it will automatically clean your mobile RAM.
  • settings : The application will automatically optimise your background, foreground and animated work which are present in your mobile.



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