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Railroad Crossing 2 app for Android is a sequel to the hugely popular ‘Railroad Crossing’ released sometime back. The game rules remain the same. But unlike the first version, here you get points for the vehicles crossed. Developed by Highbrow Interactive, you can download Railroad Crossing 2 game for free from Google Play Store.

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As you might know, in Railroad Crossing 2 app for Android as well, you got to cross as many cars as you are required to within the allotted time, without getting hit by the trains. The player get points corresponding to different kind of vehicles crossed. I.e. bigger the vehicle you manage to cross the tracks, more the points you earn. To make things just a little more challenging, on some levels, the player is allowed only a certain number of gate taps to achieve the target number of cars crossed. A level terminates if you’re hit by a train. Railroad Crossing 2 gives you the choice of playing between cities in India and the US. In order to play the latter, you got to complete 20 levels in India or upgrade to the full version. But the game zips by pretty fast and it won’t take too long to complete the levels.

As of today, Railroad Crossing 2 for Android got 80 levels to play if you unlock both the countries. Each level averages a minute or two. But there are always ways to move up the leader board and increase your ranking. You don’t necessarily have to play each level only once.
The best part of Railroad Crossing 2 is that players can choose between a variety of game modes instead of being forced to play one way. This makes the game challenging. For the developers, this gives them the space to expand the game sans sacrificing the quality. Railroad Crossing 2 requires Android OS 2.3+.


Railroad Crossing 2 app for Android is a fun and challenging sequel to Railroad Crossing. The game is set across four visually stunning cities consisting over 80 levels in Challenge Mode. Players can play the ‘Endless Mode’ to improve their scores. US cities are accessible only after completing 20 levels in India. But you can purchase the full version for $2 to access US cities and disable ads. The graphics is decent, if not great. The game is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re a fan of Railroad Crossing.

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