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“Qr code” is very popular in this generation, people’s are using this app very much. “The millions of users are using this app” QR code it is very popular in today’s generation. In different different ways the peoples are using this application, “in business some peoples are using this, on the visiting card some people’s are using this, on their products and some are using this in there shops”. Many people’s are in confused about (QR code and barcode) what is this? “QR code and barcode” it is a technology in which you can encrypt your data and store. In the year (“1948” the first barcode was introduced and in “1994” in latest technology QR code was introduced). In “barcodes” you may only store the numerics it means only “Numbers” you can store in barcodes where in “QR code” you can store your “data mobile number, your address, email ID, your Wi-Fi password, and the URL of the website” any data you can easily store in QR code. Once you stored the data in your QR code then you can show your QR code and barcode anywhere you want too, you can send this to anyone you want too, then when that person will scan your “QR and barcode” the data which you have stored in that, that he can easily read. The benefits of “QR code and barcode” are you can store your data in it and any person can easily read that this is the most benefit of this application, in this you can do lots of work, like if you want to share your “contact details” to the other person then add contact details in QR code and you may share that to that person, that he can easily read your contact details, and even you can print this on your “visiting card” which benefit is the other person easily see your details, but scanning the QR code he can easily store your details in his mobile phone. Making QR code is very easy and it is very benefit to the people’s of today’s generation.

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