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Are you looking for oximeter app in your mobile? Do you have a smartphone if yes then you can download oximeter pulse reading app in your smartphone. We all know about covid-19 and it has been attacking our lungs and decreasing oxygen level from our body. If you are going to buy oximeter from market then it will cost you very high. For simple oximeter which cost is 700 they are charging 3000. So avoid going for oximeter bye because they are doing black marketing. The only solution is that you can use oximeter app in your mobile. Now a day every mobile has sensor this sensor will at as a a interface between your body and the pulse rate measurement. It will also help you to provide reading of oxygen level in your body. So what are you waiting for enjoy pulse oximeter pulse reading application and be safe.

Oximeter application in your mobile

  • If you have oximeter in your mobile then you can use it whenever you want.
  • You don’t need to carry oximeter device.
  • Easy and fast continuous measurement.
  • Save your report and access whenever you want.
  • Real time report
  • Set automatic reminder notification to read your oxygen saturation and heartbeat everyday.

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