Progman: Learn to Code for free

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It consists of well-explained fundamentals of various programming languages like c++, Python, Java, and many more.

what makes this app special and different from other apps is that We have given compilers of various programming languages on a single platform where you can even practice your skills dynamically while learning.

• Everything that you need is in just 6-7MB of application.
• Detailed Explainained tutorials on lots of courses.
• Inbuilt IDE/ Compiler supports 45+ languages with a fast online compiler and the offline code editing support with auto suggestion code highlighting, codeshare, code save, code open in the editor.
• Quiz for your practice after completion of courses.
Special thanks for full offline support on enrolled courses.
• Daily updates on tutorials on-demand courses.
• Everything is free to access offline.
• A complete solution for “learn to code”.
• Code at the same time when you are learning.

Features in tutorials:
• Examples on each topic.
• Screenshots on required topics.
• Courses with full offline support.
• Everything is free to use.
• Click on the code to copy and try by editing and executing without leaving the study screen.
• Easy to understand.
• Topic related videos if required for online user.

Tutorials of each language contain:
• Introduction
• Control Flow
• Function
• Objects
• Data types
• Exceptions and modules
• Quiz

Tutorials we provide:
• C
• C++
• Java
• Javascript
• Kotlin
• Python
• Django
• Numpy
• Pygame
• Tkinter

Features in IDE/Compiler:
• Autosaves code to prevent code loss.
• 45+ languages support with code highlight and fast compiling.
• Capability to manage numbers of tabes at the same time.
• Share your code with your friends/Co-workers in detail(Code, Output, Errors, Warnings) with one click.
• Save your code in your memory with a file name for another use.
• Load any of your code in any language present in your memory.
• Code highlighting support in each language.
• Supports the capability to find, replace, undo, redo, and many more.

Languages Supported by Online Compiler and Offline IDE:
1. Ada
2. Assembly
3. Bash
4. C#
5. C++ [GCC]
6. C++ [Clang]
7. C++ [VC++]
8. C [GCC]
9. C [Clang]
10. C [VC]
11. Client-Side [Html, Css, Js] (Web designing/Development)
12. Clojure
13. Common Lisp
14. D
15. Elixir
16. Erlang
17. F#
18. Fortran
19. Go
20. Haskell
21. Java
22. Javascript
23. Kotlin
24. Lua
25. MySql
26. Node.js
27. Ocaml
28. Octave
29. Objective-C
30. Oracle
31. Pascal
32. Perl
33. Php
34. PostgreSQL
35. Prolog
36. Python
37. Python 3
38. R
39. Rust
40. Ruby
41. Scala
42. Scheme
43. SQL Server
44. Swift
45. Tcl
46. Visual Basic

Useful tools this app contains:
• Markdown Editor
• CSS-Clip Path Maker
• Sitemap generator
• Hindi Unicode editor

Our app enables you to carry these tutorials on the android platform.

Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.


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