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Pinterest is a visual idea of presenting yourself with the help of image you can use this platform as a social media engines where you can share your ideas about your recipe, style, inspiration, work, happiness and many more.

There are millions of pins present in Pinterest you can also be a part of interest by sharing your idea you can also so this cover your pens which you love by adding them in your boards.

What is home feed in pinterest ?

home feed is your dashboard where you will find different peoples to whom you are connected their pins are visible in your home feed.
You can also search different pins by typing the keywords into a search bar and then press enter you will find the relevant according to the keywords which you have entered.

How Pinterest work?
Pinterest provide you to bookmark the things which you you like you will get three options to bookmarks the pin the first one is link the second one is title and the third one is description. In this way you can set your pin.

How to download Pinterest app?

To download Pinterest you can visit the official site of interest or you have options to download this application right now with the help of this article. In this article we have mentioned about the the links from where you can download the application without any delay. Enjoy Pinterest by downloading it in your smartphone and you will get different types of pains according to your choice. know the world in picture informed by one of the smartest social media tool in the world

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