PayPal Mobile app – Send and Request Money Fast

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Paypal is a international online payment system when you will create the PayPal account you have to link mail ID with payPal after that you have to enter the bank details to create a PayPal account payPal account in the world you can transfer the amount anywhere you want to and you may receive the amount from anyone from anywhere in the whole world. If you are sending any amount to the person from Bank then you have to take the personal details of the person like bank details IFSC Code bank branch account number all the personal details you have to take if you are receiving any amount from the bank from the person even there to you have to all the personal details of the bank like IFSC code bank branch account number personal details receive the amount from the person receive the payment our any amount it is very important for our privacy it is a privacy that we can’t share with anyone without any trust it is an issue of privacy bank details to receive the amount or to pay the amount in both condition the bank details is needed to transfer the amount how to receive the amount the bank details is important but using PayPal you are receiving and paying the amount through PayPal then you are not required these details in Paypal you required only one thing that is your email ID if you are sending or receiving the amount for the payment then you only need you only require the email id not your personal details which is linked to your PayPal account no need to shared your bank details account so that you can keep your privacy with you it is only require the email id which is linked to your payPal account. If you want to amount to the another person in the world you only required their PayPal account email id which is linked to the bank account and you may transfer the amount to their PayPal account and if you are receiving the amount in your PayPal account then you have to only share your email id which is linked to your PayPal Account no need to give any bank details transfer your amount to your PayPal account directly. But for this it is necessary the person who is sending the amount and the person who is receiving the amount the both of them must have the PayPal account paypal is the most easiest and safe you can transfer your amount and you may receive your amount in the world where ever you want to in any country and it is very easy. If you are doing job from where you have to you are receiving the amount from the other countries then this application is very useful to you and if you want to send the amount to the person who are staying in other countries then this account is this application is very useful to you it is very safe easy to transfer and receive the amount.

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