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About the App:

The #1 Cross-platform Mobile Streaming app for Gamers in Asia. Experience an ultimate social gaming experience all on your mobile. Easily live stream any mobile game installed from your phone with just a 1-TAP. Not only that, but you can also stream on your PC and share it to multiple platforms! Anytime. Anywhere.


⭑ First Mobile Cross-Platform Streaming!
⭑ Stream to Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch
⭑ Unlimited Livestreaming!
⭑ Unlimited cross-platform streaming!
⭑ Save stream to your device!
⭑ HD Quality streams!
⭑ Game Booster!
⭑ Earn rewards!
⭑ Free Stream Frames!
⭑ IGN watermark!
⭑ PC Multi-Streaming Function!
⭑ Premium Pass Exclusive Perks!
⭑ Interactive Watching Feature with Other Users!
⭑ Follow awesome and beautiful Gamers!
⭑ Join Events and have Fun!
⭑ All these and MORE!

Download Nexplay now and join the fun!

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