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Netflix was founded in the year 1997 it is the world’s leading entertainment service more than ten thousands of peoples work in this company its speciality is you may watch lots of entertainment programs tV shows and movies it is and public company its headquarters is at los Gatos and CA video netflix is world’s leading entertainment service with millions of people in this application way more than 150 countries are enjoying the entertainment shows in variety of languages the users may watch anytime anywhere there loved programs by using internet connection the users can play I can pause and they can also resume and replay there program and there are lots of web series in this application which the users are found of it is and number one entertainment application in the world this application is just awesome in its own the subscription fees is also good there are lots of option to view episode it is well featured application where there you will get the service the application and the device in this application read the description of the episode it is well organised and easy to use this application is very friendly to the users the sound quality of the shows are very good what is the best quality content this application you may have lots of options which you love you may watch your favourite episodes shows whenever and wherever you want to watch you may watch it by using the internet you me watch your favourite shows like action should you missed select the options to Let Love Stories like kam web series action movies comedy series TV shows you me watch anything in this app it is very impressive application you may download the movies for your favourite shows it is better in quality even though the office are very good in Netflix there are very best quality and the download size is very much better the application takes storage if you don’t have any internet connection you may use your mobile connection to Netflix is the best option in this generation to watch your favourite shows anywhere the peoples are uses are experiencing their good in this application the series which they used to watch the quality of the series the user’s love very much picture the users are loving this application very much because they can watch their favourite shows favourite series anyway by using internet to watch then they may use this application and watch their favourite show the services of the application is very much good peoples the users have experience and happy with this app.

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