My Town: Home Doll house

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About the App:

My town: home doll house is the best mobile game for your child to make them explore their creativity. In this house, the kids can interact with everything and explore endless opportunities. This is a beautiful doll house with a number of rooms and unique fun family characters who are waiting for the little kids to manage the house and create unique stories from the town.


  • The app gives you 6 detailed rooms including a bedroom, kitchen, living room, study room, backyard, and bathroom.
  • Kids room with fun outfits to dress up.
  • Fun family character to play within the house including mom, dad, and their 6 kids.
  • The application gives you a pure and endless story play.
  • You can create your own small stories with mom, dad ant the kids in this digital world.
  • This is a complete house for a family and a perfect playhouse to explore.

My town: home doll house explores the creativity of boys and girls by letting their imagination power run for free offering countless opportunities to live a family life in this small and beautiful doll house.

So, what are you waiting for…? Just download the application in just one click and let your kid’s imagination fly in the sky.

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