My Pet Loki – Virtual Dog

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About the App:

Do you love dogs but don’t have permission to keep them in your home, then this is the best android application for you. In this game you are going to have your own virtual pet dog, with which you can play anywhere and anytime. This funny simulation game is best for the people who wanted to adopt a dog very badly. The dog’s finny and cute barking sound will let you love your dog at once and the dog is going to become your sweet companion by your side.


Here are some of the exciting features of the application the will give you the experience of the real pet dog.

  • feed the dog, clean them, get them bath and do care for them.
  • take them to the doctor when they get sick.
  • dress up your dog with cute and handsome dress.
  • play interesting games with your dog.
  • take your dog outside for walk.
  • take their picture, save it and share it with your friends.

The amazing features of the application will really amaze you. So don’t waste more time simply install the application in just one click and get your virtual pet now.

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