MoviesFad – Your movie manager

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The best app to manage your movies: details, explore, trailers, images, cloud sync, stats, custom filter and more!

 Find and filter: with the intelligent search function, you can find the movie you are looking for in the easiest possible way. You can also filter by genre, director, actors, etc.
 Discover: every part of the app is designed to let you discover new movies you may like.
 Manage: mark movies as watched, as many times as you like. You can add many details for each vision (e.g. when, where, how, language, etc.)
 Lists: organize items in custom lists.
Cloud: create a free account and keep your devices synced with the power of the cloud.
 Trakt & IMDb support: link your account or import data from your IMDb account.
 Details: everything is accompanied by a lot of useful information you can interact with.

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