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Do you want to create your own movie on want to edit video? If yes then you are at right place today with the help of this article we are going to discuss about one of the best application which can be used to edit video and making a new video. Yes you are right we are talking about Movie Maker application.

It is one of the best video editor tool which can be used to edit video , photo, slideshow maker. The application is available for Android mobile. So what are you waiting for use this application or to bring your creativity available online. The application contains everything which you need to make your video you can use text in your video, you can add music or you can run background music with the help of music tool, the application contains different kinds of themes which you can use at the time of making video, you can use frame border and so on.

Key features of video maker tool

  • The application contains powerful video editor so that you can use it to edit video.
  • The user interface of video applications is very simple so that any users can understand how to use the tools at the time of making video.
  • The application is light weighted so that you can make your video fastly you don’t need to wait to upload or or apply the clip in the video.
  • The tool allows you to select all most 60 photos or images. You can use gallery or you can use your own photo.
  • Go to music section and you can add the music which you want in your mobile.
  • Add background effect of different types of clips and video to make video more attractive and awesome.
  • You can adjust the speed of movies by using slow and fast motions in your motion tool. The best thing is that you can set the video speed by setting up 0.5s.
  • The tool allow you to save your video in HD quality if you want to save the video in lower quality than you have options to choose the quality of video in which you want to save.

Why Movie Maker app?

Movie maker app is available for free and the best thing is that you don’t need to to worry about different types of plugins and tools for this application it is all available in single application. Most of the free movie maker tools use watermark for corporate brand and allow you to make a very short movie but with help of movie maker app you can make your video without watermark.

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