Mini Market

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About the App:

in the game mini market, the customers are waiting up to taste your tempting foods, this is the fun sorting and cooking game. you have to fill their orders by finding the right fruits, vegetables, and other goods as well as whipping up delicious burgers, smoothies, ice creams according to their instructions. the only goal of you in this market game is that you have to make your customers happy.

All the ingredients of an absorbing game for all ages

⚈ Straightforward gameplay that’s easy enough for the youngest players to master but still provides hours of fun for all age groups.

⚈ Develops counting, shape recognition, differentiation, and fine motor skills, as well as attention to detail.

⚈ Wide range of fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients promoting curiosity and healthy eating, as well as expanding vocabulary.

⚈ Classic cooking-game scenarios in a simple-to-play and engaging format with gradual undemanding progress that encourages responsible gaming.

⚈ Clear and colorful original design that’s comfortable for kids and attractive for adults, too

⚈ Calm, cheerful music and exciting sound effects to enhance your supermarket experience

⚈ Fun customer characters, all with a friendly comment and unique food requirements

⚈ Teaches the basic principles of commerce and customer service in a casual setting

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