Ludo King™

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Have you ever wonder what the kids now a days play on mobile devices and get so hooked up to it and you just can’t get better at those games and thought that games at your age was the best. Games like LUDO chess or other games, and thought what if you could play these games with your kids but your kids won’t get there eyes off there mobile devices , well now there is very good mixture of both the worlds , here we have LUDO king games which is completely free to play and all there members of your family can enjoy playing the game, the games is already very popular and have plenty of user base , so you can play with strangers too when you are all alone or maybe travelling ,
LUDO king will bring the excitement of your childhood back and also will help you too bond with your children and also understand them better and after that you might understand that what makes them hooked to the mobile devices , because this games itself is very lucrative and have the capacity to keep you playing it for ever,
The games rules are pretty simple and very basic as it used to be when you were kids nothing have changed and so everything is same yet new, it has a new interface to play on and a whole lot of new people to play with , the best part is you can also connect to the strangers and make friends with them while playing as there also exist a chatting option for players to have more fun while playing the game,
so there are same four colors as there used to be blue, red, green and yellow and same dice with six numbers , you can play single play or you can also play with your friends coupling up and playing against other 2 players teamed up against you,
Its a fun game to play when you

New Game Themes available:
Nature Theme
Egypt Theme
Disco / Night mode Theme
Pinball Theme
Candy Theme
Christmas Theme
Penguin Theme
Battle Theme
Diwali Theme

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