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About the App:

On Loco, you can watch India’s best upcoming and top gamers live playing top games. You can follow, support, and engage with them. You can also become a streamer on Loco and live stream games to build your own gaming community.

You can also play free multiplayer games like Ludo, Carrom, Pool, and Bull Bash with your friends and talk to them directly in the app.
On Loco, we bring the best of gaming to you.


  • Live Game Streaming
    Watch top gamers live on mobile, PC, Playstation as well as Xbox on India’s favorite game streaming platform. You can watch live video games in HD, share videos, and chat with members of the gaming community watching the video.
  • Esports Tournaments
    Watch top esports tournaments across various games streaming live on Loco. You can watch India’s top teams like Soul, TSM-Entity, SynerGE, Mayhem, & IND and top gamers like MortaL, Viper, Sc0ut, Owais, Franky, Jonathan, & ClutchGod compete against each other for the top spot.
  • Exclusive content
    You can watch exclusive Live streams of top Indian gamers like Jonathan, Snax, Neyoo, Slayer, Kratos, Trance, Gyrogod, and many more. You can also watch exclusive videos of Fnatic’s Rising program on Loco where underdog players will be trained to become India’s next biggest esports star.
  • Connecting with the Gamer Community
    On Loco, you can also use Live Chat during the Live game streaming to chat with other game watchers and with the game streamers. You can support the streamers by sending gold and diamond stickers during the Live streams. You can also comment on game video highlights, replays, etc.
  • Becoming a streamer and a star on Loco
    You can also sign up to stream your games live on Loco right from the comforts of your home. Stream your favorite games on the app and build a follower base for yourself to become the next biggest eSports star in India.

just download the app in one click and become the top streamer across the world.

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