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Kinemaster is one of the most famous app that help us to edit video. You can now make incredible videos on your Android, iPhone, PC etc. It is a fully feature video editor, with the powerful tools. With KineMaster you can easily access to free editing tools, but if you want to unlock more of the kinemaster tools you have to take its premium. It provides you with different features such as trimming, cropping, adding pictures, adding layer, adding video clip etc.

About app

Kinemaster video editing app that combines a well design interface user experience and a wide range of features to create your own video. Using kinemaster is very simple and easy, you just need to have content that you want to add in the video and you can have a final composition. Kinemaster also provides its own background themes that you can add to your own video. This is all that you have to do but sometimes it is an complicated situation because editing is the one which consist of deep knowledge. But once you understand the features and tools of kinemaster you can easily develop your own video directly from the timeline. With this you can easily add different types of transitions between video fragment, text images subtitle to any section of the video. And once you finish the editing from kinemaster it also direct you to share the video on different platforms such as WhatsApp, Gmail Facebook etc. Kinemaster is a simple yet powerful video editing too,. you can use it to create your own video in just a few seconds and you can also use it to create much elaborated project if you want to spend a bit more time on it.

Some highlighted key features

  • Add and combine different layers of videos, images, special effects and even handwriting to your video.
  • You get a features to adjust the colour of the video and images and to enhance it.
  • You can’t even reverse your video means it can easily brain added to video once you have completed it.
  • You get the option of sharing the video on different platforms such as YouTube Facebook Instagram feeds WhatsApp and more.
  • You can even get different tools that allows you to blend beautiful effects to your video.
  • You can add background voice covers, sound effects.
  • You can easily trim your video as per your requirement and in any shape you want to.
  • Kinemaster also has asset Store that provides you with its own music clip gallery fonts stickers transactions and more to your video by weekly update
  • Even get the option of time control means you can easily add lapse and slow motion effect.
  • You also get keyframe animation tool to add different motion to different layers.
  • You get the option of exporting a video to your internal memory at any format.
  • You can get the option to apply different colour filters to make your videos stand out.

How to install kinemaster app
To use kinemaster you can easily downloaded it’s application from the Play Store/Apple / MI store / windows store and so on. Some of the other features kinemaster , you can get it premium means you are able to remove all the water mark and ads and you can unlock the professional tool preset to make your video. You get to access over thousand of premium tools in kinemaster asset store.

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