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Easily find and book the train online. Official IRCTC app for train booking helps you to find and confirm ticket. Over 15 crore people in India trust this app for the train ticket booking, IRCTC booking is also rated one of the best made app inn Indian app by google. Easily pay for the train ticket using UPI payment. Now you can easily find the live location of the train, information like number of train running, the seats available and more. The app even provides you with information without internet connectivity. Now you can even book train, busses, hotel, and more using this single app this app provides you with lots of facilities like

You can check the PNR status-

All the PNR status of the train seats are automatically updated in the app. Its just a click away to check the PNR status any time to see that the seat you booked is confirmed or not, you also get tom predict the PNR status to know whether there are chances of confirming the booking or not.

Provide the time table and the seat availability information-

Installing this app, even provides you with the ticket and seats information, means you can easily check the available seats. Ask for time tables of train and you get it.

Train status

Once you book the train you can easily locate the live location of the running rain and even get the notification before the train leaves the platform.

Train information

One who wants to get information about the local trains, metro lines can get all of it at just one place.

Paperless tickets

IRCTC is very handy mobile application from ehich you can easily reserve paperless tickets.

Online transition and refunds

It is one of the trusted and popular app for UPI payments for reserving the ticket. Even if the ticket is cancelled or not confirmed you get the option of refunds.

User friendly interface

Anyone can use the Indian railways booking app without any hurdles. You get a user friendly interface where you can understand the information and book the tickets.

Language switch

India being a diverse country with different language speaking people you get the option to switch the language to hindi, English, Marathi, gujarati, and more.

It is very popular handy booking platform to reserve and book train ticket, hotels, bus etc with easy payments, paperless tickets, important information, booking status, live locations and more just in one click. Get offers like no service charges on the first booing, more

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