Gihosoft Photo Video Audio Recover Deleted Files

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“Gihosoft” is a software, this software basically helps to recover the deleted photos and videos. It will recover the photos and videos very softly. From your “Android mobile, USB, hard dicks or from your Pen drive” it will recover all the deleted photos videos and the files. This software is very good and very beneficial to the peoples want to recover their deleted photos videos and other all. This software is very helpful for them. There are lots of functions in this application. First of all, you have to install it in your mobile or in your PC. You will get the “Trial Version” option, it is an ore of it is not required much more you may skip that. After that you can see the functions “Gihosoft software”, you can see the “Photo/Graphic option, Video q/DV option, Audio/music option, All file types option”, after that you can see the “Android data recovery, iPhone data recovery, Gopo video recovery”, you may get lots of functions features of this application, with the help of these application you can recover deleted data. You can do your all work with the help of this application very easily. Photo/Graphic in this you can see all the folders but except the photos folder is deleted for this you have to do that you have to go on this application and click on the Photos/Graphic did you have to click on (Removable Disc) option and after that you have to click on scan, and it will start scanning that folder, now you will come to “RePicVid” option, now your all the photos which you have been deleted it has been recovered even though the pictures which have deleted earlier all the photos before and after all the photos has been recovered here we have to click on the “Recover” button and your photos deleted photos are recovered. You have to select the photos which you want to recover and after that you have to click on the recover button and wherever you want to keep your photos you can go and you can keep your photos in a new folder or where you want to you make it you may even keep your photos on desktop too. Like this, the same way you can even recover your videos all the deleted files. This is very easy and very good application to recover your all data easily.

Gihosoft Features : 

  • Recover photos & video from memory card
  • Recover Deleted Files form your desktop computer
  • All in on recovery app for photos, video and contacts.
  • capable of recovering all file formate of image and video.

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