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Free fire is Survival series where shooters have 10 minutes place in a remote Iceland. Where they have to pit against 49 other player It’s a shooting game where survival have to to find and kill all the opponent. At starting player has to choose their landing point with their parachute. They can am to land on safe zone. There is only one goal to survive and answer the call of duty. For that they can use vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in forest, become invisible by hiding themselves in proning under grass or rifts.
The survival have options to search for weapons, loot your enemies and be the Last Man Standing person, you have options of air drop, avoid air strikes.

4-man squad team
Create your own squad of 4 players and communicate with voice chat. Co-ordinate with and be the Last Man Standing and become the victory of the team

The game is very popular in youth. The application is easily available and can be downloaded and you can also play with your friends there are many peoples who are in these days for playing online game. Game required wale 56 MB space.

Download the games battery with the help of this website and enjoy unlimited online gaming zone.

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