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Fiverr application is an Israeli online Marketplace for freelance services. The company provide a platform for freelancer to offer their services to different types of company. On the other hand it also provide services to company who want to make their work done digitally. The founder launcher concept to a Marketplace where two sided platform for peoples to buy and sells a variety of digital products like writing, translation, Logo design, graphic design, video editing and programming, mobile app. The services start from dollar 5 and can go up to thousands of dollors. The services which freelancer offer is called “gig”

Fiverr provide two way of earning in the first way is that you can become a freelancer and can sell your Digital Services like if you are expert in in web development you can provide services to the company at an affordable rate. If you are web designer then you can provide services to the company who are looking for website design. If you are marketing specialist then you can promote the company’s products and so on. your “Gig” start from US dollar 5 and can go up to higher. In this you need to be an expert in digital services then only you can earn from Fiverr otherwise you can’t make a single amount because there is a huge competition for each project.

The second way is very simple you need to become a Fiverr affiliate and promote their website so that users can use that services and for a services you will get paidTo know about Fiverr CPA affiliate program you have to install Fiverr application in your smartphone or in your desktop so that you can get registered there and share the referral links which Fiverr provide. As soon as you drag business to Fiverr the company will pay you a smart incentive for each referral program.



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