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Extensions are lightweight, yet useful programs designed to make the browsing experience much easier. Most web browsers offer their users the possibility to enhance their functionality by installing add-ons. One of the most customizable browsers is Mozilla Firefox, whose extensions can fit the personal needs of each user.Fast Dial is one of these small applications. It is designed to allow fast access to your favorite websites. The extension adds a new functionality to Firefox, similar to the Opera’s Speed Dial. Using this extension, you can customize the New Tab page by placing the websites you visit on a regular basis.

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This way, every time you open a new tab, you can access the webpages with just a click, without having to manually type in the address. It can be considered an advanced bookmark manager, which provides you with as many slots as you want. You can group websites in folders and place multiple URLs in a single slot or manually increase the number of slots from the ‘Options’ window.

For each thumbnail slot, you can set the URL, title and even a small description to help you remember what the website is about. Furthermore, the bookmarks can be sorted in alphabetical order or by the number of visits and you can also assign them shortcut keys.

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Each slot can be personalized: you can add it a logo and an icon and set the refresh frequency. Practically, every aspect of the Fast Dial page is customizable: the slots number can be increased, you can modify their size, as well as the theme, fonts, background and other appearance preferences.

In addition to this, the extension adds a new item in the context menu, which you can use to add a visited webpage to the Fast Dial page with just a click.

Just like many other Firefox extensions, Fast Dial adds new functionality to your browser, allowing you to access your favorite webpages more easily.

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