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A private web browser is an application developed for opening private web pages from accessing the world wide web page, when are uses request to open private web pages it will display the website and when the site get closed there will be no history and temporary file of that web page.

how web browser work?

To connect different website to display in your device you required to install web browser in your system. You can navigate anywhere on the internet with the help of web browser. The information is transferred using the hypertext transfer protocol which display text, images, videos on the web.

Download brave Browser

To download brave browser you need to visit online app store like Google Play Store Microsoft store Samsung store amazon store and so on you will get this browser in each and every premium Store. You can also have options to get this browser to be installed directly in your device by clicking on the link. Once web browser install in your device you can navigate to any web pages without any disturbance.

Fast & Secure Web Browser : The web browser work with lightning fast speed to open web pages in your smartphone or in your computer . You do not required any plugins there are lots of flag install in web browser which help you to browse your website safe and secure.

AdBlock Web Browser : The application content free inbuilt ad blocker to show that whenever a website content adds it will block that applications for opening. And you will not receive any popup window without your permission.


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