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CrazyTalk 8is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool for creating animated talking images from your own photograph or digital image collection. You can also animate over 150 different pre-fitted images with Reallusion’s optional Image Packs.

Your photos are brought to life by bonding them with CrazyTalk’s proprietary morphing facial wireframe, simply by matching the facial contours of the wireframe to the contours of the image. Once the bonding process is complete, CrazyTalk’s 3D expression morphing technology is able to apply over 20 expressions and gestures (such as smiling, frowning, crying and laughing) to the image.

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CrazyTalk8 then gives a voice to your photos by allowing them to lipsync with audio recordings and spoken text messages. You can even record your own voice using the built-in audio recording function. This is achieved with the use of NaturalVoiceâ„¢ & Text-to-Speech technology.

The CrazyTalk File Manager assists you in visually organizing your talking image & talking message collection in a single convenient location. You can create your own categories then cut, copy, paste and delete CrazyTalk content files. The CrazyTalk File Manager also includes a large library of useful talking images and messages you can add your custom images and messages to. This library of images and sounds represents a 500% increase over the provided content previous versions of CrazyTalk.

When you are finished, your talking image can be sent as a personalized talking animated e-greeting card. You can personalize the card further by selecting one of the included card designs, text messages, background music or graphical special effects.

You can send your talking image in a variety of formats including HTML, self running .EXE file or an .AVI movie. Frame styles can be changed to fit your style and personality.

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