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Do you want to use multiple account in your single mobile? If yes then you need to download clone app which can be used to download multiple apps in parallel. You can use multiple WhatsApp, facebook, messenger, instagram, short video app and so on. When you download an application in your mobile it can help you to create virtual process for each application in this way you can use multiple account only you need to open your account which one to append with different ID.

How clone application work?
IT work on VPN process in which we can create a VPN ID for your multiple account. As we all know that VPN is free and can be used for storing different types of application in virtual IP. As for example if you have more than two whatsApp account you can use this clone application to create multiple account in your single mobile. You can name is WhatsApp account according to your ID so that it will be convenient to you to use the WhatsApp number which you want. You can use this process to get other application in your mobile.

  • Clone your favourite application like WhatsApp Instagram Facebook messenger Gmail and many more.
  • Replace the launcher icon according to your icon and name.
  • Set your clone ID with notification of silent, sound and vibration.
  • Manage all your file option to start of documens, storage space, automatically remove recent file, clear browser history, confirm before exit from account and so on.
  • clone application can also help you to change your Android ID and your hardware serial number.
  • Application also support to hide your IMEI number and the MAC address.
  • The clone application work on fake IP address location you can use different fake location in your mobile.

How can I download flour application?
To download clone application you need to visit official website of clone app or you have option to download it from App Store like Google Play Store Apple store and other famous application store

Download app store

we have also provided a direct download link of loan application you can get the application without any trouble. You have to simply follow the links which we have provided in this article to download the clone application in your smartphone.

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