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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser and is one of the fastest web applications for browsing different types of web pages. The important part of this web browser is that it is the secure web surfing applications and can be designed for every types of platform. You can personalize your Google Chrome browser by feeds of news articles, quick links, your favorite sites and built-in tool. Google Chrome support different types of addons.

features of chrome browser

Intelligent search option : Whenever we use Google Chrome browser it automatically detect the words which we type on the search box and shows the instant result so that we can choose that options for our searches. In this way it’s minimise the typing and get the result fast. Most of the time we get confused that what types of us should we type for our searches and whenever we type any keywords it automatically suggesting us about the keywords relevant to the words which we have type.

Incognito Browsing : Do you want to serve private Internet then you need Incognito mode in your web browser so there will be no history of what ever you have Incognito mode.

Synchronise your Chrome device : Whenever you automatically configure your bookmarks, passwords, and settings across all your device so that users can access two different device like you can use the information which you have shared in your iD and whatever the device it will be if you open it in your mobile then it will fetch your ID and show your favourite thing on the other hand if you are using the same id in your laptop then it will also show the information there so it means that you have to synchronise it in one place and you can use it in different device.

Voice Search : Chrome is the only Browser which actually help us to searches with help of voice. There are many web browsers who are using the same Technology but still Chrome is in front of them because it clearly fetch the information which we are putting from our voice.

Download Chrome browser: Download Chrome browser you need to to check your device of science either your device is working or 32 or 64 bit you can use according to your device so that it can work very fastly. Azure Chrome browser does not required any specific hardware requirement. So whatever the device you are using it will work very accurately. To download Chrome browser you need to follow the links which we have reduced in this article.So what are you waiting for enjoy the light and Fastest web browser in your device

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