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About the App:

Brain games surely out your brain and increase your memory power with IQ puzzles, Tricky & Logic puzzles, Concentration, and Multitasking. Also, improve your decision skills with games like Quick search and Dot games.

A unique smart puzzle game designed to enhance your memory skills and will make your mind sharp. Make your free time more productive, fun, and interesting with different puzzles and different levels of complexities with addictive brain games.


• DOT Game
The best tricky game that forces your brain to work is when you look at the clock.

• Water Sort
Pour the colored water in the bottle until it gets filled with the same color. A challenging but relaxing game to exercise the brain.

• Plumber
A plumber is a new way to play the famous connection game where you just need to assemble the pipelines.

• Connect
Connect planet is an easy and addictive puzzle game.

• One Stroke
One stroke or one-liner is a brain-training puzzle in which you draw one line, that will sharpen your mind.

• Sudoku
Solve classic sudoku puzzles, train your brain, and have fun.

• Pattern
Cool pattern memory game to improve memory power.

• Quick Search
Bubble game with number search puzzle, Easy tap and play game.

• Left vs right brain
Train your mind with the left vs right brain test game.

• Concentration
Free brain concentration game to improve visuals, focus, and memory power.

• Multitasking
Awesome brain teasers to test your maths power.

So, just download the app in just one click and enjoy the best brain game.


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