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About the App:

Become a more successful sports bettor with betstamp:
Compare sports betting odds in real-time
View live game scores and betting updates
Track the bets you place at the sportsbook in the app to follow along
See live updates on how your bets are performing
Calculate the best parlay odds across all sportsbooks
Track and follow game prop bets across the major US sports, including Tennis (ATP / WTA)
Track and follow player prop bets for NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and UFC
Bet tracking and auto-grading
Customized sports betting accounting software
Track deposits and withdraws from sportsbooks
Customized sports betting analysis function
Analyze betting history for future improvement
Automatically track closing line value and latest odds
Many more features coming soon
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View Free or Buy Sports Betting Predictions with betstamp:
View and analyze profiles of the top sports bettors
View the bets they post and copy them for yourself
Buy picks from top sports bettors with proven track records who have posted pick packages for sale
All records are automatically verified by betstamp through our verification software
No falsified records, no scams, no misinformation
Picks are delivered as soon as they are posted to the app
Picks can only be sold if they have been verified at currently available odds
Push notifications for picks you buy or for anybody you follow

Sell Your Predictions with betstamp:
Are you a top handicapper with a proven track record?
Track your picks on betstamp and build a credible profile of 3rd party verified picks
All you need to do is track your picks in the app and betstamp’s software will automatically classify them as verified or unverified
Post a package to sell your picks and set your own price
Continue to track your bets in the app and your subscribers will be notified via push notification whenever you track a bet
Collect the money you make with no commission added by betstamp

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