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Smartphone has become a personalized gadget where we put all our important information in this device. Like we upload our documents, we handle all our social media accounts with the help of our smartphone, we use banking system with the help of our phone and so on it means that if we lost our mobile we may be in a great trouble. We all know that losing our phone can’t be get back or someone that are phone with their to get back but if we don’t locker phone then we may be in a big trouble it may be possible that someone use our data and misuse data. Even they can also clear our all banking system account because all the information are on our mobile.

Features of app lock :

  • Multiple protection layer : The application bring you different types of protection layer for each and every applications present in your mobile. You can lock multiple mode in your mobile.
  • Plenty of option: You can customize your security according to your need.
  • Robot Technology: App Locker powerful application with strong security layer to protect your all information present in your mobile.

Download app lock application from App Store

To get app locker in your mobile you need to download this application from Google Play Store Apple Store Samsung store iPhone store MI Store or you can use techisq set phone for downloading appLock. Once you download the application from techisq app store required permissions of accessing your mobile so that AppLock can work proper function in your smartphone.

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