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Amazon Prime video it is a premium service of amazon for which the users have to take the Amazon subscription after taking subscription after that whatever product you will buy in amazon prime then you don’t have to pay any shipping charges or delivery charges even though you will get with this subscription you will get lots of services free if you are lots of products through Amazon it is a good news for the users in India there is a 30 days of free trial for Amazon and Amazon Prime members may take the advantage of this there is a question arises in lots of people’s mind that how we will identify the product come in Amazon Prime then it is easy to find out that the products are in Amazon which is coming in Amazon Prime there will be a logo on the product which is under Amazon Prime then the people will recognise products are coming under Amazon Prime with the help of the amazon Prime logo. The benefits of Amazon Prime there are lots of services under Amazon Prime which will help the consumers the benefits of Amazon Prime members are there is a fast delivery this is a very good for the members of Amazon Prime in India the members of hundred cities the make get day delivery in one or two days but before when the customer needs fast delivery they have to pay extra charges with the product amount but now if you are the member of Amazon Prime then you may easily without any extra charge you may get the free fast delivery without extra charge. Free standard delivery the second benefit of this service here there is no minimum value to the free delivery service like product which choose the value of the product is under 499 rupees then we have to pay the delivery charges like 40 rupees value of the product is more than 499 rupees then we don’t have to pay any delivery charges but in this services whatever product we buy there is no delivery charges applied. Prime exclusive deals this is another benefit to the prime members when the Amazon seasons sale starts the Amazon Prime members they can buy the any discount products before the non-members 30 minutes earlier. It is the very good application.

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