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Well we all have suffered a huge pandemic during the year 2020. COVID-19 has bought a lot to our lives. Being it loss, innovation, new era or whatever we want to describe it as.
In such changing word the government of India has developed a mobile application for the citizen of India that would protect you by providing updates on your local area COVID-19 cases and even let you known about the people who may have tested positive that will led you to have the advantage of early protection.. DOWNLOADING THE Aarogya setu app you can make your life much safer.

How it work

One must have to download the application from the play store. After installing the application to your device, the individual must have a Indian mobile number operated in India so that they can get registered under the app.
Installing aarogya setu application the users can keep track of the people they meet and come in contact with and if in any case the one tested positive for COVID-19, you will be immediately informed and necessary medical interventions are arranged for you.

Why citizen should have this app


  • Any of us would only want safety for ourselves, our family, relatives, and friends. You have the advantage of getting alert if you came in contact with the person who get positive as look for immediate precaution and medical safety. Not only that this app would let you have the self assessment test for yourself.
  • Now as the vaccination is being provided to the people. You can even get updated about the information related to the vaccination.
  • You get the COVID updates around your area that will keep your near and dear ones safe and have early prevention and precautions from the potential risk of infection around you.
  • In ways it will act as a shield between you and the people who get position COVID-19 by providing you with updates and information.

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